Meet our Team

Our team’s philosophy is to create value for our clients by maximizing the creativity of our
employees, the design team, and our business partners through an open and honest dialogue, frequent interaction between team members, and willingness to embrace the opportunities that result.

Our team members are highly qualified, motivated, and focused; using their expertise to turn client concepts and ideas into a reality.


Since August of 1989, John’s passion has been working with clients to achieve their goals and create value, play a role in building and growing a vibrant and exciting community, and provide a stable healthy platform for his employees to grow and excel.

Vice President

In his 27 years at Wilger, Scot has completed numerous retail projects including over 150 Walgreens stores, assisted living facilities, sports complexes, and restaurants.  When he’s not immersed in his projects, Scot enjoys spending time with his wife Betsy, their kids, horses, chickens, and cats.

Vice President

Business Development

Dave has a no-nonsense approach to building and loves the process of walking every client through their project before the first shovel full of dirt is turned. His attention to detail is next level but his true passion is working with the Wilger family, who care about what they do, their clients, and every project they are entrusted with.  


For 19 years, Cody has loved being an integral part of Wilger’s many projects throughout the community. Cody not only manages the financial side of Wilger, but works tirelessly to make sure that the administrative side of the organization functions as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. 

Business Development

Bill has been with Wilger for two years but he’s been a long time friend. With a background in commercial banking, Bill brings a unique skill set to the team and is an important resource for our partners and team members.

Executive Assistant

Since 2001, Betsy has embraced every challenge the day brings and is an indispensable part of the team. She works closely with the whole Wilger “family” taking care of the administrative tasks that often go unnoticed but are critical to the success and “flow” of every project.

Project Manager

I have been with Wilger since March of 2020. My favorite aspect of a project/job site is the amount of teamwork that goes into them. Everyone is focused on their specific trade but all that individual work comes together to create something that benefits the community as a whole. I truly enjoy the people and pets that are around the office and everyone’s willingness to assist and share their experience. I have a wife, daughter, four dogs, two cats and a son on the way. I look forward to working with our team to turn over quality projects to our clients and owners.

Office Dog since 2006

Boss has been coming here for 13 ½ years, since he was 8 weeks old.  He loves treats and the people who hand them to him. Now in his old age he sunbathes and waits for people to bring treats to him.  Over the years, FedEx and UPS drivers have brought him hamburgers and people have stopped in just to give him a treat. He has been a great ambassador!!